Banks of Big Bend (2:31)
Banks of Big Bend
As a child I used to walk
Through fields and the crops
To see my mamie and paw
A little cabin on the ridge
Across the creek and wooden bridge
Not far from the place they call big bend

I can still smell the summer breeze
And branches swaying with the trees
Of that old live old
Old man smith catching bass
And all the kids would run and laugh
On the banks of big bend

Many days were spent there
Down by the rivers edge
Skipping rocks and counting every ripple
Working in the summer sun
And when all the work was done
We cooled off in the river at big bend

Memories run through my mind
As I recall a time
Wishing I was there again
But my family is dead and gone
And all that I have left to hold
Is the sweet memories of my past