Hillbilly Goddess (3:11) (Featured Track)
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Contact phone: 615-495-9222
Release date: May 12, 2009

Songwriters and Publishing:
(Carl Jackson) – Colonel Rebel Music, ASCAP
(Alecia Nugent) – Hillbilly Goddess Music, ASCAP
(Sonya Kelly) – Moving Through Music, SESAC

This song idea came after a review from Robert K. Oermann. It was 2006 when the previous recording "Little Girl, Big Four Lane" was released, and a release party was held at the Ascap Building on Music Row. Bob (Robert) was present, for this would be the first time seeing me perform LIVE. He reviewed the album the next day and named me a hillbilly goddess. My management team (Rutledge Nash) thought it would be great to claim that title by writing a song and titling the next album "Hillbilly Goddess." At first, I wasn't too keen on the idea because I didn't want it to look like I was titling myself, but after meeting with Carl and Sonya, and writing the song, I loved the song so much, I knew I had to cut it. For me, it was just a great song we wrote, but to the masses, I was now the Hillbilly Goddess.

Produced by Carl Jackson
Recording Engineers: Luke Wooten, John Caldwell
Mixing Engineer: Luke Wooten
Mastering Engineer: Luke Wooten

Acoustic Guitar – Andy Falco
Acoustic Guitar – Tim Stafford
Banjo – J. D. Crowe
Mandolin – Adam Steffey
Fiddle – Andy Leftwich
Dobro – Rob Ickes
Bass – Kevin Grantt
Drums – Tony Creasman
Lead Vocal – Alecia Nugent
Tenor Vocal – Jennifer Strickland
Baritone Vocal – Carl Jackson