They Don't Make em Like My Daddy Anymore (Featured Bluegrass Version) (3:46)
Release: July 31, 2020
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Publicist: Martha Moore, 615-202-1313,

Songwriter: Alecia Nugent, Carl Jackson
Copyrights: 2019 Hillbilly Goddess Music (ASCAP) admin by Bluewater Music. Colonel Rebel Music (ASCAP)admin by BMG Copyrights


Born in Pollock, LA in 1945
He was just a teenage schoolboy when his poppa up and died
So at 18 joined the army served America with pride
Three years down the road he took my momma for his bride
Raised me and my three brothers and couldn’t save a dime
Strangers to the high life but well acquainted with hard times
I guess love was all we needed cause we never really felt like we were
And I ain’t afraid to say it, they don’t make em like my daddy anymore

Only a high school education, but in the bible he was versed
No professor in the classroom, but a deacon in the church
Loved Jesus sunday morning and his bluegrass friday night
Made sense to play the upright, that’s the way he lived his life
Though he rarely said I love you, I could feel it loud and clear
Everytime he hugged me tightly, his eyes would fill with tears
Even after heels and makeup he only saw the little girl he adored
There’s one thing for certain, they don’t make em like my daddy anymore

He filled my heart with music, he’s the reason that I sing
From the time that I was 4 years old the reason that I dreamed
Of playing on the Opry, him standing by my side
Thank God it really happened a few years before he died
I’m sure when he crossed over Jordan stood at the pearly gates
The only time he’d been more nervous was on that Grand Ole stage
Likely said this feels familiar, played the opry with my baby girl before
St Peter probably chuckled, we don’t make em like her daddy anymore
No, there ain’t no doubt about it, they don’t make em like my daddy anymore.

Produced by Keith Stegall
Recorded by John Kelton at The Castle Recording Studio (Franklin, TN)
Assisted by Travis Humbert
Additional Recording by John Kelton and Travis Humbert at The Sound Station and Wedgewood Sound (Nashville, TN)
Mixed by John Kelton at Wedgewood Sound and The Sound Station (Nashville, TN)
Mastered by Glenn Meadows at Mayfield Mastering (Nashville, TN)
Production Coordinator: Jason Campbell

Brent Mason – Electric Guitar
Tommy Harden – Drums
Bobby Terry – Acoustic Guitar
Gary Prim – Keyboards
Jimmie Lee Sloas – Bass
Stuart Duncan – Fiddle
Paul Franklin – Steel Guitar
Dan Dugmore – Steel Guitar
Wes Hightower – Background Vocals