Way Too Young For Wings (3:40)
Release: September 18, 2020
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Publicist: Martha Moore, 615-202-1313, somuchmooremedia@gmail.com

Songwriter: Alecia Nugent, James LeBlanc, Brian Maher, Jen Stegall
Copyrights: 2019 Hillbilly Goddess Music (ASCAP) admin by Bluewater Music/ Dreamlined Tunes / House of Fame, LLC / Dune Grass Music, Inc (ASCAP)/ Dreamlined Songs (BMI)


I never thought I’d see ya here before me
You’re a sight for these sore eyes to behold
I wish that I could take your place this morning
This ain’t the way that life’s supposed to go

Way too young for wings
You never even had a chance to chase a dream
Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, but I’ll always believe
You were Way too young for wings

I know I shouldn’t question the creator
But there’s certain things I’ll never understand
Like Why today is our last day together
It’s the last time I’ll ever hold your hand

You should be dancing and laughing, learning lessons, counting blessings
And I’m jealous of the angels they get to hold you now

Repeat Chorus

Produced by Keith Stegall
Recorded by John Kelton at The Castle Recording Studio (Franklin, TN)
Assisted by Travis Humbert
Additional Recording by John Kelton and Travis Humbert at The Sound Station and Wedgewood Sound (Nashville, TN)
Mixed by John Kelton at Wedgewood Sound and The Sound Station (Nashville, TN)
Mastered by Glenn Meadows at Mayfield Mastering (Nashville, TN)
Production Coordinator: Jason Campbell

Brent Mason – Electric Guitar
Tommy Harden – Drums
Bobby Terry – Acoustic Guitar
Gary Prim – Keyboards
Jimmie Lee Sloas – Bass
Stuart Duncan – Fiddle
Paul Franklin – Steel Guitar
Dan Dugmore – Steel Guitar
Wes Hightower – Background Vocals