For Love's Sake (duet w/ Carl Jackson) (3:35)
Release date: March 9, 2004

Songwriters and Publishing:
(Carl Jackson, Chris Austin) Too Strong Songs, admin by ICG - Warner Refuse Music - Blowing Rock Music (ASCAP)


For love's sake, let's don't give up
We must have faith to be strong enough
We've come too far together to throw us away
If for no other reason, then for love's sake

Carl: Our angry words left clouds around our hearts
And the raging storm could tear our world apart
But blue skies lie just beyond the rain
Our love can be our shelter from the pain


Alecia: We could end it all and go our separate ways
Give in to all the hurting things we say
But true love has never failed us yet
Let's not rush into a choice we might regret


Produced by Carl Jackson
Recorded and mixed by: Luke Wooten at Station West
Mastered by: Toby Mountain at Northeastern Digital, Southborough, Massachusetts

Carl Jackson guitar and banjo
Ben Isaacs bass
Aubrey Haynie fiddle
Ronnie McCoury mandolin
Randy Kohrs dobro