Jealous Heart (3:34)
Release date: March 9, 2004

Songwriters and Publishing:
(Jenny Lou Carson) Scuff-Rose Music, Inc. (BMI)


Oh, jealous heart, oh, jealous heart, stop beating
Can't you see the damage you have done?
You have driven him away forever
Jealous heart, now I'm the lonely one

I was part of everything he planned for
And I know he loved me at the start
And now he hates the sight of all I stand for
All because of you, oh, jealous heart

Now that he's gone, he's gone and found another
I know he loved me from the start
Through all the years his memory will haunt me
And all because of you, oh, jealous heart
All because of you, oh, jealous heart
(Oh, jealous heart)

Produced by Carl Jackson
Recorded and mixed by: Luke Wooten at Station West
Mastered by: Toby Mountain at Northeastern Digital, Southborough, Massachusetts

Carl Jackson guitar and banjo
Ben Isaacs bass
Aubrey Haynie fiddle
Ronnie McCoury mandolin
Randy Kohrs dobro
Rhonda Vincent, Rebecca Lynn Howard harmony vocals