If Your Heart Could Talk (3:02)
Release date: March 9, 2004

Songwriters and Publishing:
(Carl Jackson, Chris Austin) Too Strong Songs, admin by ICG - Warner Refuse Music - Blowing Rock Music (ASCAP)


Lately you seem distant when I ask you what is wrong
You say oh, its nothin, nothin at all
But I can't help but wonder are you hiding your true thoughts
What would I hear dear if your heart could talk

Would it say that you still love me or tell me that we're through
Would it promise there's no other or speak of someone new
Would it reveal that you still care or that the feelings gone
What would I hear dear if your heart could talk


Produced by Carl Jackson
Recorded and mixed by: Luke Wooten at Station West
Mastered by: Toby Mountain at Northeastern Digital, Southborough, Massachusetts

Carl Jackson guitar and banjo
Ben Isaacs bass
Aubrey Haynie fiddle
Ronnie McCoury mandolin
Randy Kohrs dobro
Carl Jackson, Rebecca Lynn Howard harmony vocals