Wings of War
Austin, Texas – MoonHouse Records is proud to announce the single song release of “Wings of War” by Texas duo Albert and Gage, in time for Memorial Day programming. Written by Christine Albert and Chris Gage, along with songwriter Steve Brooks (co-writer of Slaid Cleaves’ “One Good Year”), the song tells a personal, yet universal, story of sacrifice in times of war.

While on tour in the UK with Slaid Cleaves in 2006, Albert and Gage visited The American Military Cemetery just outside of Cambridge, England where Christine’s uncle, Second Lieutenant Richard A. Albert, is buried. Lt. Albert died in a plane crash during a training mission over England in February 1944. Ms. Albert says that “the visit to my uncle’s grave was a surprisingly transformational moment for me; I connected with his loss in a much more profound way and felt inspired to capture that in a song.”

Since that time, the Albert family has also learned that a memorial plaque in honor of Richard Albert and Roger Phillips, the other pilot who perished that day, was erected in 2004 at the site of the crash in the village of Wangford, England. They have communicated with villagers who were the first on the scene sixty-six years ago and Albert and Gage are scheduled to play in Wangford on October 9, 2010, four years to the day after the visit to the grave in Cambridge. Albert and Gage have created a
Wings of War page (
at their website and are continually adding content related to the song as the story unfolds.

Christine Albert - vocals
Chris Gage - guitar, organ and vocals
David Carroll - vocals
Brad Fordham - bass
Steve Samuel - drums