Annie, I was so blue when you met me
And you’ve been like a good old friend when I was down
I even wrote you this song so you won’t forget me
Because we’re both overdue at blowin’ this one horse town

But I gotta get myself on down to the depot
Or the train’s gonna leave without me now people
And Lord I cry every time that whistle blows
But I wrote this song for you
And I’ll tell you what I’ll do
Annie I’ll sing it for you everywhere my train goes

Now Annie there’s a mighty big world a waitin’
And it seems like the good old days are just comin’ along
Everybody gets their share of lovin’ and hatin’
Every body gets done right and gets done wrong

Annie, my words never could do justice
To the feeling that I get wellin’ up inside
You know the train of life’s gonna try to bronc and bust us
But I hope that we can both hang on until the last damn ride