Fetch Me (Featured APD Showcase Track)
all songs administered by Carol Vincent and Associates for Songs of the Noteworthy Muse, BMI.

Albert Bashor wrote this song after seeing the 1992 Los Angeles riots played out live on tv. Albert imagined the fear of someone caught in a riot while high on drugs. The song was cut with guest guitarist Pat Travers in lead guitar. Pat was a neighbor of the studio owner/session engineer Sean Shannon. Pat was keen an playing with Bill Payne, guest keyboard player on Albert's album, so Pat just barged in the door just before the first take. Producer Michael Frank, unfamiliar with Pat, was a bit miffed at Pat's bravado, but pleased at what Pat brought to the tune. Pat added a funky groove and a slashing solo, heightening the tension in the story line and in Albert's emotional vocal.

Musicians on Fetch Me
Albert Bashor - vocals and rhythm guitar
Pat Travers - lead guitar
Forrest Rodgers - rhythm guitar
Bill Payne - keyboards
Larry Jacoby - bass
Sean Shannon - drums