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  • Possible
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  • BK'S Jazz Joint
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  • Touching the Morning Sun
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  • Brazilian Praise
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  • Time Machine
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  • Lizard Island
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  • As We Journey
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  • Better Days Ahead
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  • I See
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  • Calypso Night
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  • Gate 7
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  • Winds of Change
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  • Just Chilin
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  • Island View
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  • One World
    Genre: World Music
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  • Take me Away
    Genre: World Music
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  • Diggin the Atmosphere
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DAddario tru-strobe pedal tuner

Silver Skies - 25th Anniversary - Randall Parrish
The Contemporary Jazz group Airborne is celebrating their 25th anniversary with the impressive versatility and craftsmanship shown on their new album Silver Skies.

Airborne has released their most consistently
outstanding and satisfying work to date entitled Silver Skies to commemorate the landmark achievement of twenty-five years recording noteworthy albums. The group has been dubbed “The musical peacemakers of contemporary jazz,” earning that designation by both the directness of their message of harmony in their lyrical content, and the never-ceasing peaceful ambiance permeating throughout their uplifting melodies. Since the group’s inception over a quarter century ago,

Airborne has capitalized on the mystical properties of the number three to provide listeners with music that is inspired, intelligent, and never failing in its mission to elevate the spirit.

The three founding members responsible for the creative impetus and the visionary pathway followed are Thomas Borino (keyboards and vocals), Greg Borino (guitars and vocals), and Thomas Sansone (sax, flute and vocals).

All three gentlemen are accomplished musicians, but their main strength lies in their masterful songwriting skills. All the twelve songs found on Silver Skies are new original compositions penned by this ever-talented trio. “Regardless of what you play, the biggest thing is keeping the feel going.” ~ Wes Montgomery

Airborne has always believed in this Wes Montgomery theory, and they reach the goal of keeping the feel constantly going by creating tight grooves, magical elegant melodies, and impeccable production. They are able to draw from various worldly musical genres and rhythms, such as Tropical Island feel, Latin-infused, and smooth as silk European jazz to create their unique feel.

Airborne is the epitome of the term “ensemble,” with each member of the group providing stellar contributions to make the whole presentation a strong one.

Silver Skies from Airborne is guaranteed to delight both long-time followers in addition to the uninitiated. It is a compelling, salient and inspired disc from start to finish displaying the time proven recipe that works so very well to garner Airborne their uniquely precious sound

Silver Skies - 25th Anniversary - Hans-Bernd Hülsmann
Who loves contemporary jazz is in good hands with Silver Skies which is part of a long discography, which bears witness to the consistency and professionalism of the formation of the Contemporary jazz group Airborne.

From the very start, the album radiates a sunny cheerfulness, full of energy and takes on full speed to many sections, highlights, extensive solos, vocal accents, and jazz elements of their special style. That said the entertainment value is very high.

Silver Skies - 25th Anniversary - Ronald Jackson
Airborne’s latest endeavor entitled Silver Skies in commemoration of their 25th anniversary with their signature breeziness and eclecticism, the band delivers on a dozen well-conceived original compositions of contemporary jazz.

With a rich Latin flavor here, a dash of Brazilian flair there, a whisper of World music, some solidly soulful R&B vocals, a hearty sprinkling of rock, fusion, and loads of alluring hooks and melodies; it certainly isn’t difficult to understand just how this band has endured over the years. There’s something here for everyone.

The well-cultivated “soil” from which Airborne grows its magical musical beauty lends its testimony on every instrument on every track. Let’s just forget about trying to label this one. It’s just one hot piece of art. You’ll definitely enjoy the plentiful lands and grooves along the journey. Kudos to the band for yet another well-painted musical landscape

Silver Skies - 25th Anniversary - Scott O’Brien
They’ve created a timeless collection of 12 new originals to celebrate this important milestone, and they cover every element that has made them so successful over the years including fusion jazz, funk, Latin and more, all with that trademark Airborne excitement and energy.

This isn’t background music at all. This is happy, upbeat, festive, and motivating contemporary jazz, from first track to last. Airborne, you’re good to go for another 25!

Siiver Skies - 25th Anniversary - Javier García-Escámez
Throughout these 25 years of existence, Airborne has published and recorded a total of fifteen brilliant musical productions to which also must be added is their participation on soundtracks, as well as producing and collaborating on works of other artists and musicians

In these 25 years, Airborne has been characterized by their composing and arranging music fitted in the Jazz musical genre mixing and matching contemporary jazz with Latin and Brazilian rhythms, World Music, and R&B Vocals. On this occasion of the commemoration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of existence, their musical knowledge led them to subjects dominated with more rhythm instruments and percussion as well as horn and vocal arrangements that included many different musical topics.

A great way to celebrate 25 years of a musical career, Congratulations to the entire band.

Silver Skies - 25th Anniversary - The Jassman
Feeling a little down, a bit miz? Try a dose of Airborne’s 25th anniversary album, Silver Skies and you will get instant relief. They are a group of very musical musos.

The 12 tracks offer an eclectic selection of jazz varieties, and I especially like their foray into the Latin American style - The Jassman - South Africa’s only International Jazz Magazine

Airborne Anthology - Randall Parrish – Jazz Review
“After decades of making inspiring contemporary jazz to critical acclaim the esteemed ensemble has decided now is the perfect time to take a look back and showcase some of the quality music that has characterized the group’s recording existence.

With two brand new tunes destined to become classic numbers Airborne makes it evident that the group is presently at the height of their musical flight and offers great optimism for the future. Airborne is recognized for continually bringing imagination, positive energy, and deep passion to their jazz compositions.

With Back in the Dayz – Airborne Anthology the past of Airborne is explored and celebrated with the still to be forged future greatly anticipated. The group’s extended harmonious shared recording experience has bred this lofty level of congruous cohesion. If their glorious precedent is any indication; then grand inspirational thought-provoking musical vistas filled with hope lie ahead for us all. Good music is timeless.”

Airborne Anthology - Brian Soergel
“You’d expect a contemporary jazz group that is called “musical peacemakers” to have a happy, upbeat sound. You get that with this veteran band, but as this anthology shows, you also get top-quality musicianship and very creative compositions and arrangements with heft and plenty of sway"

Airborne Anthology - Chris Mann
“Everything about the bright, brassy contemporary jazz music of Airborne with its strong melody and ripples of percussion suggests that their outlook is a very positive, optimistic one and they aim to be as inclusive as possible. This wonderful sound of Airborne reflects many tastes and you will find things to like, whether it’s soul, Latin, reggae, world or some quite complex jazz”.

Airborne Anthology - Smooth & Soul – HBH
Back In The Dayz - Airborne Anthology is an amazing collection of America's super group, Airborne. Contemporary jazz isn't dead.”

Smooth Jazz Therapy - Airborne - New Horizons
Smooth Jazz Therapy first became acquainted with the band Airborne through the excellent 2004 CD ‘Heavy Vibes’. At the time I commented that this cool Connecticut based collective was re-igniting genuine old school jazz fusion in a way that was part 5th Dimension, part Weather Report, and part Ambrosia with just a hint of Tower Of Power thrown in for good measure. Subsequently, the band’s reputation was enhanced by the 2007 CD ‘Turbulence’ and a year later ‘Winds of Change’ hit the streets. Now Airborne is back with the equally good ‘New Horizons’.

It signals a welcome return to the soulful energy, vocal R & B arrangements and Latin grooves from which the band’s reputation was originally built.

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New Horizons - Randall Parrish –
The new release from the notable contemporary jazz group Airborne is titled New Horizons and features smooth jazz guitar, keyboards, and reed instruments in conjunction with passionate Latin infused grooves to craft a CD cool as an island breeze.

Airborne has long been referred to as the “Musical Peacemakers” of contemporary jazz. On New Horizons, the group’s 7th release on Tilt Records since their inception in the late 1980’s, their peaceful theme is abundantly present on many of their songs.

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New Horizons – Jazz Review - Dr. Ana Isabel Ordonez
Airborne appears again in the spotlight with their recent, New Horizons, an original patchwork of jazz, classic pop forms and world music. Its language is constructed, revealing some bright moments.
Airborne, the well known multi-cultural contemporary jazz group from New Haven, Connecticut, USA has the ability to do it all well.

New Horizons takes the listener into soundscapes through lyrical ways exploring the individual player's idiosyncrasies which in exchange creates color schemes available to all listeners.

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New Horizons CD Review - The Smooth Jazz Ride
We so often need music in our busy and usually stressful days (especially in these stressful times) to help smooth out the rough edges. Airborne, the proclaimed “Musical Peacemakers” of contemporary jazz make it all so easy with their new release, New Horizons, a peaceful, breezy, reflective, and vibrant production indeed. As much new age, R&B, funk, spiritual, and world as it is contemporary jazz, it is a carefully woven fabric of tantalizing sound to make those crazy moments in our day a little less crazy.

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Interview by Sandy Shore -
How long has the band been playing together?

Airborne was formed in the early 1980’s. Our first musical release was in 1988. The band celebrates years of recordings, jazz festivals, concerts, clubs, gigs, and the whole ups and downs of being musicians. We can honestly say that the years have been very rewarding to us. To live a life of music is a wonderful experience and a precious gift. We feel honored and blessed as we continue to perform and record and look toward the future with a smile.

Would you please share a few highlights from the years together?

We love the process of each new recording project and release. The intervention of ideas, the collaboration of musicians, creating the jazz sound that is Airborne today. Bringing life and love to each new composition. Keeping faith and watching the growth in the band's material and popularity.

Recording and producing for other artists in genres as Gospel, Jazz, and R&B.

To perform at jazz festivals, concerts, and clubs with different jazz artists and groups. To share words, thoughts, stories, and just to listen to musicians from all over the world. Music is truly an international language.

Where is the band based and how does your location factor into your music?

We are from New Haven, CT, USA. Tri-State Area - Urban based. I guess you can call us city dwellers. There is a magic in the city that absorbs many musical art forms. The sounds of the city are cool but hot. Influences of Jazz, R&B, Latin and Blues are all around you capturing your inner emotions.

We also have a deep passion for the music of the Caribbean. Both the city and the islands have influenced us greatly. Over the years Airborne has created its own trademark contemporary jazz sound of island passion and urban emotion.

You refer to yourselves as a "multi-cultural" jazz band... how come?

Our hometown of New Haven is very rich in ethic and cultural diversity. Each member is unique and brings these diversities and backgrounds to create the jazz sound. Airborne has been praised as being a living spirit of musical brotherhood. The love of jazz is shared by many cultures.

Can you give us an idea of how deep the band's commitment is to the recording arts and education?

We do support the Arts. We are on the New England Foundation for the Arts and the CT Commission on the Arts performing arts touring rosters. We bring "A Century of Jazz" an Arts in Education program into the schools. A demonstration of a variety of jazz forms and styles, supported by a historic narration, a musical insight, a question and answer session, and an inspirational workshop.

This program instills a positive attitude and direction towards musical and social growth. The no limits approach combined with a structured musical lesson plan illustrates the value of jazz education in our society.

Jazz Education is very vital for our newer generations. Teaching thoughts of imagination, personal expression, and self discipline to help them achieve whatever goals they dream. Emotions soar high in young hearts and jazz music gently provides an enrichment and fulfillment to their wandering passion. Jazz is a true American art form.

What are you most proud of at this point in your life and career?

To have the music of Airborne known and loved throughout the World is a dream come true. We have always kept a high musical integrity to our compositions yet still instilled a coolness and groove to our sound helping us to cross over to many different formats.

To be honored by the World Peace Organization for Excellence in World Music and as Humanitarians.

There has always been a message of Peace, Love, and Global Unity in the music of Airborne. We have been proclaimed by journalists as the Musical Peacemakers of Contemporary Jazz. We have always lived our lives and career trying to help and give back to the community. We can all make a difference if we just try.

That’s why we set a Non- Profit Cause – Musicians – Peacemakers – Humanitarians which all donations and portion of all our CD sales go to Food for the Poor to help in the fight against Hunger.

Susan Frances - Jazz Review - Winds of Change CD
Airborne always finds a new way to put the listener on an aircraft and fly them over exquisite landscapes that feel aurally entrancing and sensually relaxing. The group’s sixth CD Winds Of Change delivers an titillating carpet ride for listeners that reaches exciting heights and coasts elegantly along languid clarion channels.

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Smooth Jazz Theary - Denis Poole - Winds of Change CD - Review
The brand new album from New Haven, CT based Airborne is entitled ‘Winds Of Change’ and much of the publicity surrounding it makes clear that the title, compositions, and even the emotion of the project was inspired by the bands concern for world events.

The implicit assertion, irrespective of faith, race, color or wealth, that together we can make this earth a better place is beyond dispute and in articulating this harmonious message Airborne has delivered nine wonderfully uplifting tunes which can be fairly described as some of the best smooth jazz to be heard this year.

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Akbar Nour - Smooth Jazz Now - Turbulence CD Review
Airborne is quite a unique smooth jazz ensemble. The New Haven band was formed in the late eighties and has since then crossed the "turbulences" of our agitated times. Airborne is more than a jazz ensemble. It is a group of dedicated musicians, who share the same cause and philosophy: bringing peace, love and tolerance to our world through their music. They have stuck to this belief since their beginning and have opened up their music to multi-culturalism.

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Wes Gillespie - JazzNet247 Radio - Heavy Vibes Review
Airborne are a multi-instrumental and multi-facet jazz band from New Haven, Connecticut, USA and remind me of the great jazz acts from the 80's and 90's such as Surface Noise, Rodney Franklin, Azymuth, Paul Hardcastle,Mezzoforte, Shakatak and some their vocal harmonies resemble the great George Duke and Tom Browne. Not surprising as the band was formed in the late 1980's when this style was particularly en vogue.

'Heavy Vibes' is the band's fourth CD release and is sure to follow on the success of the previous three which enjoyed airplay on many Jazz Radio Stations throughout the US and abroad and received critical acclaim in JazzTimes, Jazziz, Downbeat and Billboard to name but a few.

The album is a collection of smooth jazz, Latin jazz and soulful urban vocals sung by the lovely Elizabeth Delliger and also rotated by saxman Thomas Sansone and Thomas Borino, the latter contribute the spine of the set with some creative piano and keyboard solos from Borino and Kirk Whalum / Najee style sax from Sansone.

The beauty about this album is that it stretches out beyond the jazz idiom and crosses over to the current urban soul and dance charts but the intoxicating driving sounds are also reminiscent of the early Spyro Gyra, Fattburger, Mezzoforte and Shakatak with Gregory Borino's guitars exchanging front and centre stage with the keyboards of Thomas Borino on the opening drive time cut entitled 'I See'. This is just one of the styles which demands attention on this fine recipe for today's urban vocal / jazz formulae.

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Christmas: Holiday Music - Michele Wilson-Morris – The Entertainment Bank
The group Airborne hails from New Haven, CT and this project features Thomas Borino (piano/keyboards/vocals), Thomas Sansone (sax/flute/vocals), Greg Borino (guitar/vocals), Dean Kosh (drums), Mike Nunno (bass) and guest female and male vocalists Jeanmarie Rivera, Elizabeth Dellinger, and the Rev. Keith Outlaw. With a stellar reputation and years of music to back it up, they come dressed to impress for the holiday season, and boy, do they do it well.

Contemporary Jazz fans will be impressed with the sounds of the season as Airborne offers a fresh look at classic holiday music. I must give props to the male and female singers on this CD. The arrangements of the parts are clever, and the classic “The Christmas Song” and “Christmas Time Is Here” never sounded better. The male vocalist the Rev. Keith Outlaw shows some influences of Nat King Cole and Johnny Mathis, which are great names to be compared to. Any Airborne Jazz Fans will find this CD to be very impressive. In fact, it has the potential to win over lots of new fans as well. Without question, the biggest note on the CD is the big high note on the end of “O Holy Night”. That alone is worth purchasing this album!

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Christmas: Holiday Music - Sandy Shore –
The season just got brighter with the release of Airborne – Christmas: Holiday Music featuring 10 holiday classics performed by the multi-cultural contemporary jazz group from New Haven, Connecticut. This cheerful, vocal-intensive collection of favorite seasonal music, including original compositions, is sure to warm up your festivities with their ‘Joyful Jazz’ spin on your favorite Christmas songs.

An enchanted album with the Airborne verve you’ve grown accustom to, inspiring peace and serenity. Only Airborne knows how to fly this high… fusion jazz and soulful singing combined with their signature message of hope and holiday spirit! Contribute to making this spirit brighter and find a higher level of joy and peace this season, gift yourself a copy of Airborne –Christmas: Holiday Music.

Christmas: Holiday Music - Rhetta Akamatsu -
Airborne is a multicultural contemporary jazz group from New Haven, Connecticut, who have been together since the 1980s. The members are Thomas Borino (piano/keyboards/vocals), Thomas Sansone (sax/flute/vocals), Greg Borino (guitar/vocals), Dean Kosh (drums), Mike Nunno (bass).

There are also some wonderful guest female and male vocalists on Christmas Holiday Music, Jeanmarie Rivera, Elizabeth Dellinger, and the Rev. Keith Outlaw.

The members of Airborne have been proclaimed the "musical peacemakers" of contemporary jazz and certainly this musical project is peaceful and joyful. There are many trademark Airborne moments particularly in the musical and vocal arrangements that are very pleasant and will continue to bring pleasure for many repeated plays.

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New Horizons CD - Review -
At this point in world history, the concept of maintaining a positive outlook and vibe isn’t just a nice idea… it’s critical to our survival as a species.

The multi-cultural contemporary jazz group Airborne not only shares this philosophy, but has also imbued every one of their albums with it.

NEW HORIZONS, their latest project, contains a dozen brilliantly crafted examples of their trademark jazz/island passion/urban emotion music... and once again shows Airborne to be the pre-eminent voice for positive change for the jazz community.

They truly are the “musical peacemakers” of contemporary (Smooth Jazz). If you’re already a fan, getting a copy of NEW HORIZONS won’t require a second thought. If Airborne is new to you, acquiring the project will not only raise your positivity as you listen, but will also support the work of creative individuals who really get what being a citizen of this world is all about! ~SCOTT O'BRIEN

New Horizons CD Review - HBH - Smooth & Soul
New Haven based contemporary jazz group Airborne are founded by Gregory Borino (guitars, vocals), Thomas Sansone (sax, flute, vocals), Thomas Borino (piano, keyboards, organ, vocals). They constantly released albums since a long time. Take Off in 1990, followed by Across The Sky (1995), Lifetones (1999), Heavy Vibes (2004), Turbulence (2007), Winds of Change (2008) and this year New Horizons.

Their albums have often a motto and a special impetus. For example the group demands with Winds of Change common ground, solidarity and the willingness to make the world better. The new album New Horizons follows the same concept: "The music of Airborne reminds and encourages us that we can create a new world of peace. One world of people searching and waiting for a sunrise of happiness that's just over the new horizons. "

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Jonathan Widran - All Music Guide – Turbulence CD Review
One has to admire a veteran band whose liner notes denote their desire to make this a more peaceful world through music, yet call their latest disc Turbulence. The title is more a clever wordplay with the name of the multi-cultural, Connecticut based contemporary jazz ensemble that is hugely popular in New England but has also made inroads into the hearts of smooth jazz fans across the world over the years.

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John Luciano - - Turbulence CD
Airborne is the type of group and Turbulence is the type of recording that represents what I love about contemporary jazz it’s like unwrapping an unexpected gift and discovering, for the first time, something you like but didn’t know existed.

It never ceases to amaze and at the same time perplex me the sheer talent and originality of these jazz artists. This is good stuff - check it out!

Airborne is moving forward with Back in the Dayz
Airborne, the multi-cultural contemporary jazz group from New Haven, CT USA is moving forward with their 8th CD “Back in the Dayz - Airborne Anthology”.

This project is a wonderful collection of new material and edited and re-mastered compositions from other Airborne CD’s.

It is a testimony to jazz artists of integrity, whose inspiration and imagination capture your thoughts with music with a cause. Joyful Jazz with a Message!

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Press Release for Airborne “New Horizons” CD
Airborne the “Musical Peacemakers” of Contemporary Jazz are rising higher and soaring on “New Horizons” with their new and 7th CD to date. The warm, yet cool atmosphere of this wonderful project takes you on a magical and musical journey to a new day filled with joy and hope.

Its Smooth Jazz theme rides on the successful inspiration of their last Chart Topping CD “Winds of Change”. Groove music with depth and character that is captivating and entrancing. Joyful Jazz with a Message!

The CD also expands the artistic World Fusion motif of their 2007 release of Turbulence and regenerates the soulful energy of their 2004 release of Heavy Vibes with its Latin grooves and R&B vocal arrangements. And for the first time Airborne has released a CD covering two great R&B Classics. Inserting the Airborne sound to “Sunny” written by Bobby Hebb and “God Bless the Child” by the amazing Billie Holiday. Giving this a unique pleasure for fans that know in Airborne concerts there is always crowd pleasing R&B vocal tunes mixed with the Airborne jazz compositions that rock the house.

In ancient times the word Horizons meant across the world. The music of Airborne reminds and encourages us that we can create a new world of peace. One world of people searching and waiting for a sunrise of happiness that is just over the new horizons. The emotion and passion of Airborne is a musical healer who keeps us closer to the light of truth and opens are senses to hear and feel that glorious message of love and compassion.

Communicating that all things are possible if we Live, Laugh and Love. To Live our life to fullest sharing goodness to others. To Laugh we can sustain our hopes through times of trouble. With Love we can do great things.

Combining inspiring compositions of genuine substance, performed by world class jazz musicians, Airborne is a living musical brotherhood with a trademark jazz sound of island passion and urban emotion. The “New Horizons” CD is a pleasant offering to jazz lovers who reach out for new expressions. Airborne gives one hope that contemporary jazz is still alive.

Smooth and Cool, yet Soulful and Hot, a great CD from start to finish. Real jazz by real jazz artists of integrity, whose inspiration and imagination capture your thoughts with music with a cause. Airborne shines a smile of heart and good feeling people really need from listening to music. Airborne captures this beautiful feeling and makes it overflow on each tune of this awesome and outstanding CD. Joyful jazz with an uplifting message of Hope, Peace, and Love!
Remember we are One World! One People searching for “New Horizons” ###

American Soldiers fighting in the Forgotten War “Afghanistan” reach out for support to hear one of America’s greatest artforms “Jazz”
The contemporary jazz group “Airborne “received an email from a American soldier fighting in Afghanistan, CSM Corey Woodard. It read: I am currently deployed to Afghanistan with my battalion, consisting of Soldiers, Airmen, and Marines.

Many of my troops and I are avid jazz listeners. However, we find it extremely difficult to get jazz CDs here in such a remote and austere environment.

I would like to know if you or anyone you know would be willing to donate a few CDs to us during our deployment here in Afghanistan. Such a gift would greatly enhance my troops’ morale and give them a reminder of the good life that they all enjoyed back at home.

We would greatly appreciate anything you could send to make this deployment better. You may send any items to the following address and I will ensure they are equally shared and distributed:

Thanks in advance. CSM Corey Woodard JLC-MCB APO AE 09354 - 330th Trans Bn (MC) Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan

Airborne has sent a few copies of each of their CDs and is asking fellow jazz musicians to help support our troops.

  • Members:
    Thomas Borino: Piano / Keyboards / Vocals - Thomas Sansone: Sax / Flute / Vocals - Greg Borino: Guitars / Vocals - David Ramsey: Drums - Steven Clarke: Bass - Asher Delerme: Percussion - Randy Bost: Trumpet
  • Sounds Like:
    Spyro Gyra, Pat Metheny, Santana, Brian Culbertson, Chris Botti, Incognito, Acoustic Alchemy, Bobby Lyle, Shakatak, Jonathan Butler, Chuck Mangione, Dave Valentin, George Duke, Jeff Lorber
  • Influences:
    Jazz, Latin Jazz, Island Music, World Music, Caribbean, Fusion, Funk, Smooth Jazz, Blues, R&B, Gospel, Cool Jazz
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