REBUILD By © 2020 Aaron Nathans-Hardy Lily Music

The candelabra’s covered/in melted wax of many colors

The debris of hopes we had for a good year

My blessings burned into the vapor, went up like fire in paper

But I’m still here, we’re still here

I try to go about my business/ Each night I do the dishes

In the ruins of a mission unfulfilled

Tonight we watch these candles glisten/but if we're quiet enough to listen

First be still/And then we will/Rebuild

Once our fathers built a temple/where the righteous would assemble
And they had a line that went direct to G-d
But the idolators invaded/And our walls they desecrated
And hope was gone, hope was gone

But it took that occupation/To restore their dedication
Our fathers chased the army to the hills
We light these candles to remember/In this deepest dark December
What they instilled/And so we will/rebuild

My finest china's broken/and the air is full of smoke
And my flame is burning low
But no matter how far down I’ve fallen, I can bounce of the bottom
It's the only way i know

Be gone, this angry grammar/It’s time to lift a hammer
My holster’s got a measure and a drill
We light these candles to remind us/That our work is not behind us
First be still/And then we will/rebuild