My Flag Too
A lawn chair in the morning, the band slipped down the street
A five-mile run, a hot dog lunch, and games down on the green
After sunfall, come one come all, glow sticks and flashlights
My pop gave me a little flag and I waved it in the night
Then they lit the spark, blasts in the dark, white and red and blue
I held Old Glory in my little hand, this is my flag too

When the old country went up in flames, this is where he fled
He wore a gun and marched in time where Eisenhower led
His brothers stormed the beaches, their blood is out at sea
My pop he wore the uniform to save democracy
Democracy, of many one, I’ll shout it as the truth
It’s what he handed down to me, this is my flag too

This flag don’t stand for money, this flag don’t stand for guns
This flag is not a weapon for the ones who speak in tongues
It don’t stand for a party, or for a five-point plan
I will not bow to idols and I won’t rise for a man
This flag is for our country, us and them and you
When I rise up singing, I sing this is my flag too

You can fly it from your truck, with a bumper sticker creed
You can fly it from your boat, above “don’t you tread on me”
You can sell it in your ad, or show off your tattoo
But that’s not what the flag’s about, this flag is my flag too
(my flag too)

Sitting on a blanket, staring at the sky
Fifty stars gleam in the night and one of them is mine
I think of those who came before who fought to keep us free
I know their sacrifice gave me the right to dream

I’ll fight for our country, son (girl), to hand it down to you
So that when I’m gone the flag waves on, this is your flag too (x2)