Sara Brown
This song did come from my imagination, but there is quite a bit of truth in this song as well. For ten years, my wife and I worked on a ranch in the Texas panhandle. I was prowlin first calf heifers on the Smokehouse Creek when I found the graves of Mrs. Brown and her infant child. Every time I checked my cattle in that pasture, I would go by the graves and say something to her before going on my way. There were alot of strange and unexplainable things that happened in the vicinity of the graves. The woman's voice I heard on several occasions and the way horses and cattle both acted was as if they could see something that the cowboys couldn't. After one of my "visits", I was trottin back to the house and got the idea for this song and had most of it written by the time I got home. I've never been a ghosty person, but I firmly believe that Sara Brown's spirit still lives on the Smokehouse Creek. While I was recording this song in Amarillo, Tx., I got my sister, Sheryl Lane, to be the voice of Sara Brown. She not only nailed it, but she surpassed all my expectations and made me feel like Sara was right there in the studio with us.