When Jesus Swings The Wrecking Ball (featured track)
writers: Rick Stanley, Donna Ulisse (POP ‘n Paw Music/ASCAP,
Uncle Hadley Music/ASCAP )

Alan Bibey -Mandolin and lead vocal
Justin Jenkins-Guitar
Laura Orshaw-tenor vocal
Zak McLamb-Bass and Baritone vocal

Coming off the heels of their incredibly successful single, "Gonna Rise And Shine," Mountain Fever Records is pleased to bring you a brand new single from Alan Bibey & Grasstowne.

"When Jesus Swings The Wrecking Ball" was written by Donna Ulisse and Rick Stanley and tells what happens when one builds their life on the foundation of sin. The song states that if one asks, Jesus will destroy that sin.

The tune opens with catchy finger picking on the guitar and follows with the quality vocal from Alan Bibey and trademark harmonies that make the band a household favorite. Alan's mandolin break affirms why he is a bluegrass standard - he always delivers outstanding music.