8-Foot Tender
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  • Worthless
    Genre: Alternative Rock
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  • Stoke Chick
    Genre: Alternative Rock
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  • Too Much Coffee
    Genre: Alternative Rock
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Rock n' Roll. Johnny Thunders without the dope. Circa 1970 Rolling Stones without the lips. Early kiss without the makeup. The MC5 without the fro. These guys don't need the makeup, women's clothes or a singer with big hair to rock, all they need is: 2 guitars, a bass, drums, 3 pairs of sticks, 3 guitar cords, 2 Marshall full stacks, a Orange bass head, a Custom bass cabinet, patch cords, a power strip, 4 hookers, and 6 drunken friends.
Noted as the 2nd best band in Portland, 8-FOOT TENDER stems from Long Beach Legends such as The Humpers, Falling Idols, Busface, and The Charms. 8-Foot Tender was started in the spring of 1994 in Portland, Oregon by Mike Moe (Guitar & Vocals), Greg Odell (Bass & Vocals), & Glen Brunton (Drums). Since then, 8-Foot has kept music lovers coming back for more. Saul Koll recomended Jeff Fieldhouse (Guitar & Vocals) to join up when Jeff migrated to Portland in early 1995 to make the band a 4 piece. Mike Moe then departed in 1997, taking the band back to a 3 piece. Saul Koll (Guitar) then joined winter of 1999...thus another 4 piece. The name 8-Foot Tender was coined by Mike Moe after his adventures on the high seas. The name continues to represent the band as a "life line", each member working hard to keep the pure rock spirit and soul alive and well underneath a sea of phonies, fabricating jaded and pretentious music clogging 90 percent of the general public's mental capacity. Why then, may you ask, have I never heard them before? Well here's your chance to see what happens to 4 of the finest musicians hailing from the So Cal area when they are transported to Northern territory.

Jeff Fieldhouse (formerly of Suicide Kings, The Humpers/on labels Sympathy for the Record Industry; Epitaph) L.A./ Long Beach

Greg Odell (formerly of Falling Idols, Busface) Long Beach

Saul Koll (formerly of The Charms/on label Motherwit Records) San Diego/Long Beach

Glen Brunton (formerly of Tin Idols, Rat Pack) Santa Barbara

Straight outta Portland Oregon, 8-Foot Tender has produced several singles plus 5 albums in the past 12 years, 1 including Scott "Deluxe" Drake (singer & front man of the legendary Humpers), and has another album as well as another Drake/8-Foot collaboration album currently in the works as of August 2006.

For more information, visit the 8-Foot web site at www.8-foottender.ws, the 8-Foot myspace page at www.myspace.com-8foottender, or email us directly at hoytinsomniac@yahoo.com and/or odellY2K@hotmail.com.
  • Members:
    Jeff Fieldhouse, Greg Odell, Glen Brunton, Saul Koll
  • Sounds Like:
    A raging party!
  • Influences:
    Chuck Berry, Stones, MC5, Ramones, Sex Pistols, Johnny Thunders
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