Darlin' I
Darlin’ I

I swear I’ll be true
Darlin’ I won’t make you blue
Darlin’ I want to stay with you
Darlin’ please let it be
Just you and me

She says you want her
Darlin’ she’s just a cheap flirt
Darlin’ she’ll drag us through the dirt
Darlin’ let her slither away
While with me you will stay

You say you’ll be true
Darlin’ you won’t make me blue
Darlin’ please say you love me
Darlin’ I love you so
Promise you’ll never go

My hearts on the line
Darlin’ my tears I’ve been crying
Darlin’ you say your heart’s mine
Darlin’ I’m so glad you chose
To see how our love grows

I love your blue eyes
Darlin’ I won’t tell you lies
Darlin’ I can’t say goodbye
Darlin’ Say you’ll be mine
Till the end of time