A Truck Ran Over You
A Truck Ran Over You

I went down to the docks to watch the boats sail by
But, all I did was sit with my head in my hands and cry
When passers by would see the tears in my eye
They would pat me on the shoulder and ask me son why

Boy, you look like a truck ran over you
Did a jealous husband catch you doing something you shouldn’t do?
Did you get in with the champ for a round or two?
You can’t stand on the tracks when a train comes through
Boy, you look like a truck ran over you

It’s been ten years since you told me goodbye
You just jumped on that big bird and away you did fly
Since you left I’ve heard nothing, not even a simple hi
With no explanation, my friends wonder why

(Chorus) (Break) (Lead) (Break)

Every morning I get up and stare at the sky
I rack my brain for something else to try
My friends want to help they don’t mean to pry
They just shake their heads and give an occasional sigh