Have You Ever Felt the Pain
Have You Ever Felt The Pain

Have you ever felt the pain
When your heart breaks right in two
Lord, youll never be the same
No matter what you do
Try so hard to stop these blues
Its ruined my health and my life
Im trying hard to hide the shame
Have you ever felt the pain

I look out my window pane
And watch it rain on the sill
I try my best to forget you
And I try Oh, I try
But I know I never will
When you packed up your bags
And left in the middle of the night
It left me crushed, downhearted, and alone
You know that just aint right

I often wonder about
Others out there like me
Who have given everything
And their hearts are so blinded
They cant see
No matter what you do
Or where you might go
Just remember that all things
Will come back
You reap just what you sow