Oh I want a little taste of you
just a little bit to get me through
it's a joke i know but i can't let it go just a little of you gets me high and i rotate around you until I have spun into someone
who is completely numb

and we want it but we can't have it but you put it on my plate and we want it and i'll take a little taste

thirty days without you and thirty nights i knew every second that went by
tick tock screamed the clock
will you survive the shock this time

you're so patient the ghost of you lingers
I close my eyes as I slip through your fingers
that were as cold as ice
but god you felt so nice


what's a greedy girl supposed to do?
when everyday i crave a taste of you
i never thought you'd stop so i sucked every drop i only hope the next girl that you choose can't see your beautiful side like i do
and leaves your memory to die inside of me