Head On
What good is being in the game if you’re sitting on the bench?
What good is staring down if you’re always first to flinch?
You’d better learn to be strong if you’re gonna join this fight
‘Cause what good’s a dog that barks all day
But he
Doesn’t have a bite

Vs. 1
We talk all day about what needs to change in the world today
We say we have all the answers
But all we do is say
It’s time to step to the plate
Time to act not wait
Tell the world about Christ’s love.
It’s time to tell this world we live in
About the home we have above.
You want to see a revival
It starts with you.
You want to do something about
Well it’s up to you.
It’s time to win this battle
Take the Devil down.
It’s time to take that Devil
Head On.

God did not put you here
So you could run and hide
He’s guaranteed you a victory
If you are on His side.
You’ve got no excuse for being no use
It’s time to take the Devil down.
It’s time to take that Devil
Head On.

Vs. 2
Well you’re so sick of sin
Why don’t you do something about it?
What good is having all that faith
If all you’re gonna do is doubt it.
Stop whining about
All that needs to be done.
Forget everyone else
Why don’t you be the one?
To take that Devil
Head On.


What good is knowing where you are
If all you know is that you’re lost?
What good is yelling at the ref
If all you’re gonna get is tossed?
What good is stepping in the ring
If you’re not even gonna swing.
The only reason that you’re even here
Is the Will of the King