Posted on June 11, 2024


CMH Records is pleased to announce the release of Pickin’ On The Doors.

Over 30 years in and 80 albums deep, the Pickin’ On series is one of the most beloved traditions at CMH. Album after album, we’ve taken musical favorites across time and genre and reimagined them in a bluegrass style. Whether it’s film soundtracks, heavy metal bands or indie darlings, Pickin’ On is committed to warm and sincere renditions of the music we love the most.

On this album, the series turns its focus to one of the most iconoclastic and strange bands of the 60s. Formed in 1965 and lasting a short 8 years, The Doors were countercultural figures who were nonetheless responsible for countless major hits and classic tunes. Here, series stalwarts Iron Horse take twelve fan-favorites and reinvent them in an authentic bluegrass style. From “Break On Through” to “Roadhouse Blues,” Iron Horse bring a charming lightness and joy to The Doors’ fieriest tunes.

Bluegrass – Country

Since 2003, the series has thrived with the inimitable Alabama quartet Iron Horse at the helm. Known for their precise picking, rich harmonies and endlessly creative arrangements, Iron Horse brings delight with their clever twists on these classics. This newest addition to their discography is sure to delight listeners of all kinds, and maybe even lend nonbelievers a new appreciation for the music of The Doors.

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