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  • WMC LIVE|"New episodes weekly, tackling today's hottest topics"
  • UNEXPECTED CHRISTMAS|Full Throttle Xmas Music. Kick Xmas Up A Notch!
  • NIECIE|Raw and soulful....Rocking Powerhouse - Cashbox
  • BETH HART & JOE BONAMASSA|#1 Billboard Blues Chart
  • DREW DAVIS|Country Rockin' with a SWERVE...
  • JOHN SOSNOWSKY aka SOZRA|A musical painting , a masterpiece. - Abbey Review
  • JON WEISBERGER|13 great co-writers. 1 killer band. For the IBMA.
  • KLEEN|A dark, compelling journey to the middle of your mind.
  • DONNA HUGHES|27 Originals -Americana, Bluegrass, Folk, Pop
  • JENNI FINLAY PROMOTIONS - CHRISTMAS MIX|Spiritual, Secular Favorites And New Originals
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