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  • KIM AND REGGIE HARRIS|"It goes way beyond folk music." - Midwest Record
  • SON SEALS|Carves burning blues guitar licks like a chainsaw
  • DENNIS LEDBETTER|"Unapologetically Country"
  • RAY CARDWELL|Roots based bluegrass music with a new bluesy twist. Bluegrass Soul!
  • PETER NOSTRAND|Romantic Recordings by the Czech Philharmonic
  • ORTHOPHONIC JOY|The 1927 Bristol Sessions Revisited
  • BUZZ CASON|This record is a slice of my musical life.  Buzz
  • Scott Holstein|"This is a great Americana record" - says Carl Jackson
  • JOHNNY WINTER|Slashing, searing Texas blues-rock guitar -  raw vocals
  • REAGAN JOHNSON|Lifelines!
  • EIGHT O'FIVE JIVE|A juke joint stomping, front porch rocking party!
  • PETER NOONE|A poignant and moving tribute to a friend and hero who paved the way for the British Invasion
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