Nothing To See
I miss all your kisses, whispers in my ear
I made so many wishes that you were still here
I tried buyin' your love, tryin' your love
Nothing worked out, now I'm dyin' for your love
I still remember the feel of your hair. Loved having you there
I tried every time but your left in despair
But when you were still with me, I tossed in my sleep
Cause I could not accept all the secrets you'd keep

So now I'm walkin' in the moonlight, alone by the sea
Beggin' for the reason why I could not be
The man that you wanted. I'll always be haunted
I'll turn and look back but there's nothing to see

T'was the night before Christmas the last time you were there
I walked around listless and stared at the air
Your bags were all packed. By the front door they lay
If I wanted you to stay it woulda been a good time to say
But in the mornin' I woke up and rubbed the sleep from my eyes
The woman I loved was long gone by sunrise
But the sun never rose the same way again
The path that you chose broke my heart into ten

Now my hands are all wrung. My eyes are all dry
My songs are all sung to an empty blue sky
And though you don't wanna hear it, I need you to know
I got back my spirit by letting you go