The Way I'm Strung
I've looked so long in the places that I know,
searching for the faces that remind me of your soul.
You were never far, always just beyond the bend.
Just beyond the other bend. Will it never end?

There was a girl who looked so much like you.
Eyes ever blue, but her words were never true.
Why do I fall for all the phoniness & pain.
So hard to maintain and it's driving me insane.

It's just the way that I'm strung.
Tighter than a drum.
It's just the way that I'm strung.
Nothing else to be done.

I was so sad when I saw the map of you.
So many airplanes flew just to prove that I was true.
When you moved along then my life became a song.
Not a happy song. What else could go wrong?

Finally unlocked the encasement of my heart.
Still torn apart. Broken and scarred.
When the lights came on and you knew who I was,
you pulled and let me go and then my life became a buzz.