Troy Lindsey
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  • One Drop
    Genre: Acoustic Rock
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  • Runners
    Genre: AAA
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  • Not Your Fault
    Genre: Acoustic Rock
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  • Cold Emotion
    Genre: World Music
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  • Think About This
    Genre: Acoustic Rock
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  • Dark Hour
    Genre: Americana
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  • My Heart
    Genre: Acoustic Rock
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  • Don't Let Me Go
    Genre: Acoustic Rock
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  • Like A Fool
    Genre: Americana
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  • Outlaw Love
    Genre: Country Americana
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  • Hi America
    Genre: Acoustic Rock
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  • No Love
    Genre: Americana
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  • Corners
    Genre: Americana
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  • South Side of Hell
    Genre: Americana
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  • Ride Across The Sun
    Genre: Americana
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One Drop (review)

Runners (new single)
We wanted to share with you a new single a duet with the amazingly talented Eden Moody.

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Troy Lindsey’s Emotive Wanderlust

Finding inspiration in one place isn’t rare, but the gift of travel can open up the creative doors to an endless amount of possibilities. Singer-songwriter Troy Lindsey has been lucky enough to land a day job that allows him to see the world, but when he’s not clocked in working on Sikorsky skycranes, he’s making music with emotion at the core. Anything can be a trigger, whether it’s the way the sky turns orange, a hotel room in Japan or firefighting down under, Lindsey has seen it all and has been triggered by those and more as he works on his upcoming sixth album.

Following up 2014’s Cold Emotion, Lindsey’s upcoming album will be produced by Scotty Schultz and feature a diverse cascade of songs, along with a duet with country singer Eden Moody. That diversity comes from the music he grew up on. Waylon Jennings taught him how similar rock and country could be. He says, “The grit and stories were just tough and the emotion felt real while still rocking and not putting me to sleep.” While Jennings was a lesson in genre, Neil Young and Bob Dylan showed him the importance of storytelling through song. Which is what he always tries to employ as he writes about his travels whether they be about the few weeks he spent in the jungles of Peru, or some other adventure he’s been on.

Like the time he was in Russia and was trying to fill the gap between cultures and penned “Cold Emotion.” It’s not always about the emotions felt when abroad, as “Dark Hour” came from witnessing all the school shootings in the states, and then there’s “Runners.” A song that has yet to be released, Lindsey assures listeners will know what it’s about from the start with the line, “Runners were born for losing, and losers were born for running, I find myself in the middle, of it all again.”

Troy Lindsey has been lucky enough to travel the world thanks to his day job, and through that and his other adventures - he’s been moved emotionally to write about his escapades and put them to song. Most of which can be found on his previous five albums, as well as on his upcoming release.

Cold Emotion Review
Cold Emotion is an album rich in sound and rich in meaning. Inviting the songs are comfortable pieces full of soul. Lyrically Troy Lindsey & Bosaya opt for the narrative for these pieces weaving them together to give a composite on a person’s life. Details are of the utmost importance: from organ swells to the strong rhythm section, everything neatly syncs together. Of course the true heart comes from the well-worn yet empathetic vocals.


Opening up with the smoky tones of “Dark Hour” the mood for the album is immediately set. Gradually unfolding the song’s low volume works to its absolute benefit. Much brighter is the playful rush of “Like A Fool”. For “It’s Not Your Fault” things take on a reflective tone. The aptly named “Outlaw Love” focuses on greater truths with the help of a band that shows off their tremendous skill at interplay, with each player fitting in perfectly. Atmospheric in tone is the grandeur of “End Of It All” whose quiet tones explore that of America’s heartland the empty spaces that have come to define what America really embodies. By the time the song comes into full bloom for the finale it feels completely earned.

For the final stretch of the album Troy Lindsey & Bosaya go for rush to the finish. The songs pick up, leaving the dreaminess behind for a more immediate intense feeling. “Think About This” ends the collection off on a high note, neatly summarizing everything that preceded it. “Cold Emotion” is an album that taps into the best of country and rock.

Posted by Beach Sloth

Cold Emotion Released December 1st
“With the purest of vocals & lyrics, Troy Lindsey is digging deep
to capture 'Cold Emotion' in its most vulnerable state."
- J Rae, Skope Entertainment Inc.
Press Contact
Nashtray Productions LLC

'Cold Emotion' is Troy Lindsey's fifth independently released record to date. Combining the sounds of Folk, Rock, Country, and World music, Troy brings the listener in lyrically with his stories and observations of the world and social issues. Troy enlists Russian vocalist Bosaya to lend her dynamic voice to the album. Produced by Scotty Schultz(Shooter Jennings) who assembled an all-star cast of Nashville musicians to record this diverse Americana offering.

'Cold Emotion” is being released December 1, 2014. Contact Nashtray Productions for full album download code or any additional information.

Album Review

New album
I have uploaded a few tracks from the new album Live At Devils Gulch Drinkery.

Radio Friendly Version of (Tell It Like It Is)
We have a new version of (Tell It Like It Is) available for download we shortened it to make it more radio friendly.This song features Kristen on lead vocals. Thanks for the support Troy Lindsey

Ride Across The Sun

Troy Lindsey releases Ride Across The Sun
(Troy Lindsey, Americana/Singer Songwriter)

"Troy Lindsey is the epitome of a rolling stone, or perhaps a wandering prophet...He has seen a lot of the world, and the bent shape it’s in, and his soulful response is what drives his music...Kristen's voice is much more than just an added feature--definitely leaves you wanting to hear more.” - The Jeonju Hub

Troy Lindsey embodies the spirit of a traveler. Troy has seen the world numerous times over and the current state of the world is the topic for much of his latest release – Ride Across The Sun.
Ride Across The Sun is the followup to Troy Lindseyʼs debut album – Out of Time For People Without Time – the majority of which was recorded in a hotel room in Jeonju, Korea. Troy’s most recent release, Ride Across The Sun, was recorded at Resonant Audio Studios and features the angelic vocals and ethereal harmonies of Troyʼs daughter Kristen McCamey. Kristenʼs star shines brightly throughout the album, particularly with her pristine and haunting backing vocals on the title track. Kristen's lead vocals make the duet “Tell It Like It Is” the highlight of the album.
Troyʼs musical influences include BOB DYLAN, TOM PETTY, THE ROLLING STONES, and TOM WAITS, and like each of the above, Troy is a skilled storyteller with his own distinctive style on songs such as “Lonely Town” and “Ninth Life.” Troy penned the album’s title track in a Santa Fe hotel room immediately after receiving word of his friendʼs untimely death. The raw emotion that Troy felt at the time resonates clearly throughout the lyrics and vocal performance of “Ride Across The Sun,” making it a very touching tribute and fitting title track.
From being taught how to play guitar by a Wyoming preacher and traveling the world over, to recording an album with his talented daughter and suffering a deep emotional loss, Troy Lindsey’s experiences are exquisitely captured on Ride Across The Sun, making it a must-hear album and a gratifying journey from beginning to end.

"Ride Across The Sun" Review
Artist: Troy Lindsey

Album Title: Ride Across the Sun

Review by Nick DeRiso

Upset over a world that wronged him one too many times, Troy Lindsey begins his bumpy Ride Across the Sun in a foul mood. Luckily, as is so often the case, a good woman can make all the difference. Lindsey, a Gulf War-era Marine helicopter mechanic with a voice like a knot in a hickory stump, is a writer who doesn’t like where things are headed. At the same time, his characters can find no comfort in nostalgia. Too many have clearly seen things they’d rather forget. He begins with “South Side of Hell,” a tune shrouded in echoing melancholy. Lindsey harshly criticizes a culture that’s more about talking than it is about doing. This tune’s rough-hewn craggle, in both his singing and his guitar playing, recalls the Muscle Shoals-era Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Lindsey brings an angry quiver reminiscent of Neil Young to both “Yesterday” and “Think About This,” which take a hard-eyed look back at the country’s recent troubles, both economic and moral. “Change don’t come until you try,” Lindsey thunders in “Think About This,” “and nobody’s trying anymore.” The song’s gently insistent Dylan-esque acoustic intro then gives way to a pair of scorching electric guitar solos. Played in tandem, they underscore the internal argument between promise and harsh, hard reality. Yet the profoundly interesting guitar playing on Ride Across the Sun is often obscured by Lindsey’s whiskey-soaked baritone, so deep that Waylon Jennings would be envious. Lindsey goes even further down on “The Wolves,” sounding more than a little like Tom Waits.

“Warlords,” the closer on Ride Across the Sun, boasts an outdoorsy, growling burr. His is the voice of every man, beaten but unbowed. Even when Lindsey tries to lighten up, there is simply too much darkness. He adds island-influenced rhythms to “Just Another Day,” but they do nothing to brighten that song’s troubling ruminations, either. The title track begins with some introspective picking, before opening up into a similarly determined tale of stick-to-it-iveness in the face of a mean old world. Then something happens: Kristen McCamey arrives to provide an ethereal backing vocal, like an angel lighting on Lindsey’s shoulder.

Their duet performance of “Tell It Like It Is” is a high point, both emotionally and musically. McCamey’s voice surrounds Lindsey like a new glove over a cracked and calloused hand. She’s the sweet to his sour, the textured hopefulness that works in perfect contrast. That doesn’t mean there are any easy answers for Lindsey, or for any of us. “Every man has his doubts,” he laments on “Warlords.” “Tell me, what is it all about?” Sometimes, as Ride Across the Sun so clearly illustrates, a sense of community has to be enough. All we have is one another. “When loneliness prevails and your inspiration fails,” McCamey sings on “Tell It Like It Is,” “you reach for that place, and leave everything behind.” Later, they sing a pleading refrain of “will it be any different next time,” over and over in painful unison, and there is some sense finally that it just might be. “Lonely Town,” again featuring McCamey, makes good on that promise, cracking the door on a fledgling lyrical optimism that’s echoed in the song’s lilting Western swing. “Ninth Life” takes flight during a pleasant piano interlude, even as Lindsey again sets about asking the tough questions. Only this time, a resolutely upbeat McCamey is there, sounding like a scuffed-up Karen Carpenter: “There’s gotta be a reason.”

Maybe, maybe not. But here’s hoping these two keep working together to try to find out.

Review by Nick DeRiso

Rating: 3 stars (out of 5)

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