Walk Away
Walk Away 5:38
(Oliver Sain/Saico Publishing Co.-Chevis Music, Inc., BMI)

“Come See About Me,” “Everyday Will Be Like a Holiday,” “Tears Tears and More Tears,” “Seesaw,” “Walk Away” and “Hold On I’m Coming” are from Flying Fish FF 209, Come See About Me

Arrangements by the Tracy Nelson Band

Tracy Nelson vocals, backing vocals, guitar, keyboards
Andrew McMahon keyboards, backing vocals
Larry Boles Percussion
Barry Chance guitar
Larry Chaney guitar
Chris Leuzinger guitar
Ted Reynolds bass
Wayne Jackson trumpet
Andrew Love saxophone
Billy Puett saxophone
Jamie Brantley, Steve Brantley, Pebble Daniel, Bruce Dees, Jack Grochmal, Sherry Grooms, Yvonne Hodges, Sheri Kramer, Donna McElroy, Marcia Routh and Lisa Silver Reynolds backing vocals

Recorded by Jack Grochmal, Marcus Mitchell, Marshall Morgan and Lee Hazen at Lee Hazen’s Studio, Nashville and The Soundshop, Nashville.
Mixed by Richard Adler at The Soundshop