Santa Claus
Verse 1.

It’s the hardest night in the year to sleep.

On Christmas Eve when the Snows so deep.

Time stands still and children will

Toss and Turn in their beds until Santa’s been.


They’ve waited all year, now they can’t sleep.

All year, Blankets in a heap.

They just want to peep

To see Santa Clause. Santa Clause.

Verse 2.

Watching the Snow land on the window sill.

Waiting to have Christmas Stockings Filled.

The seconds tick by, oh so slow.

Waiting to hear Ho Ho Ho.


Verse 3.

Out of bed again looking up to the Moon.

Waiting for Santa he will be here soon.

Back to bed and say you preys

When you are asleep Santa will be there.

Chorus. Chorus.