Well I used my head
But it didn’t get me nowhere today, again
And I learned my way around everything
That she was, that she was

But I need some time
To get out on the highway again
Now I know my way won’t ever
Take me back, not again

Heartaches they tend to fall behind
When I stay between her lines


Gonna find my home
Dust is dust, let it alone
I’ve never known a heart so
Dear to me, as she was

I see her laying out before me
I never had a chance


She leaves everything to me, she leaves everything
She leaves everything, and I take what I want to have

She wanted me to stay
But I had sense enough to stay away
And leave it all far behind
I’ll never let anyone change my mind

It helps my heart to see
All the things that I’ll never be
Come along…..superhighway