Tardi Di Mas
Suzanna Lubrano has been extremely busy working on the launch of her eight solo-album. The first single and video clip from the new album is an incredible Zouk Pop song called “Tardi di Mas” (In English “Much too late”).

The song was produced by Akon’s production partner Giorgio Tuinfort. The music video was created by Ferry van Schijndel and Joanna Wesseling. The song “Tardi di Mas” is not the first project for Suzanna Giorgio Tuinfort and looks like there will be many more songs on the way. Giorgio Tuinfort produced Suzanna’s impressive 2004 song “Silencio”. Giorgio Tuinfort has produced songs for many superstars including Akon, Michael Jackson, Black Eyed Peas and Gwen Stefani to name just a few.

Ferry van Schijndel and Joanna Wesseling who were responsible for the music video of “Festa Mascarado” have become great fans of Suzanna’s incredible vocal range and talent. The “Festa Mascarado” clip and the song were the winner of the Best Cape Verdean Music Video in 2009/2010. The clip featured Michael Jackson’s “This is it” dancer Timor Steffens as Suzanna’s on screen co-star.. Timor won fame in the Dutch version of “So you think you can dance”.

For the hot new song “Tardi di Mas” Suzanna has teamed up with Gianni Grot, a dancer who has recently won fame from the Dutch 2011 series of “So you think you can dance”. The clip has a romantic feel and we all hope that you love the clip as much as Suzanna enjoyed writing and recording the song and producing the clip.
Unlike previous albums, Suzanna and her label have decided to release a digital singles before the launch of her new album. This has been due to the major changes the music industry has undergone in recent times. The sales of physical CD’s have been replaced by a major increase in (legal) downloads of individual tracks and the physical CD markets are all in rapid decline.

Suzanna Lubrano’s new album will be available late 2012. Please check the website for all the latest information for tour dates, live performances and the release date for her new album. Suzanna will also have an English language dance album ready for release for late 2012.