Chopin Sonata No3 In B Minor, Op.58: Iv Finale- Presto Ma Non Tanto
Composed in 1844 at the age of 34, the Chopin Sonata Op.58 lies on the other side of the transition period considered pivotal in Chopin’s life. Completed in a period of tranquillity and artistic success, it is the largest of all of Chopin’s works for piano solo and represents the apotheosis of his creativity. The classical Forma-Sonata is reshaped by a symphonic theme developing in a polyphonic flow towards a lyrical “cantilena”. Chopin's love for Bach (culminated in studying the famous Cherubini's Counterpoint Trattato in 1941) characterises the entire Allegro Maestoso. This new polyphonic taste and interest for the Fugue (visible as well in the last years of Beethoven's life) make this programme to conclude in a sort of a circle. The Finale, pervaded by a "galloping" rhythm, is a sort of “ moto perpetuo” similar to the Finale of the Beethoven's Sonata, and his considered a touchstone of the piano virtuosity.