Cold Dark River
Before Minnie Driver’s successful film career took off with such
films as Circle of Friends, Good Will Hunting and Grosse Pointe
Blank she had aspirations as a singer and songwriter. Driver
signed her first major record deal at the age of 18. Evenwhen her
acting career took off, her passion for songwriting and
singingdidn’tlet up,so she continued to hone hermusical craft in
between film and television work. After a well received showcase
at the South by Southwest music festival, Driver signed with
Zoë/Rounder Records and subsequently released Everything I’ve
Got In My Pocket in 2004 and Sea Stories in 2007. Marc “Doc”
Dauer produced and played guitar on both albums. Other musi-
cians who contributed to Minnie’s two Zoë/Rounder recordings
included Ryan Adams, Liz Phair, bassist Al Wolovitch and
Wallflowers keyboardist Rami Jafee.
Hollywood has had its share of “wanna be” rockers but
Minnie’s motivation comes from a genuine flair for music and a
true appreciation of what goes into a great song. Music critics
can be brutal on actors who put down their scripts and pick up a
microphone so it is all the more impressive that Minnie’s albums
have garnered widespread praise among music journalists. Of
Sea Stories Gabe Guarente wrote in US Weekly “Driver proves to
be Hollywood’s soulful surprise.” Kevin Bronson wrote in the L.A.
Times that “Driver is clearly a confident performer and a song-
writer with a style both evocative and economical.” And Wes
Orshorski had this to say in Harp Magazine; “Volleying between
lush, ethereal, British pop melodies and easy-strumming
Americana, the disc is composed of songs about all kinds of
love...”. Soulful, evocative, ethereal...we would like to add classy
and very personable, the perfect choice to host our 40th
Anniversary celebration!