Livin' in me
Livin’ in me
Words and Music by: Bryan Jones

Sometimes I dream I’m falling down
Spinning circles round and round
Wonderin if I’m going to hit the ground

Sometimes I’m high sometimes I’m low
Sometimes I don’t really know
Feels like I’ve been thrown in the lost and found
But even when I look around and think I’ve lost my way
There’s a hope inside me that gets me through the day
He gets me thru the day

There is a hope livin in me
Stronger than the darkest night
A hope livin in me
Saying it will be alright
Even when I feel afraid
And think I’ve lost my way
Jesus is the hope
Livin’ in me

This old world keeps spinning round
Seems like it’s turned upside down
I wonder how it ever got this strange

The weak get trampled by the strong
Half the world’s just hangin’ on
I Wonder if it’s ever gonna change
But even when it seems like the battle has been lost
There’s a hope inside me that points me to the cross.
He points me to the cross

I’m never gonna forget Jesus is living in me
Never gonna forget what He did to set me free