New Every Morning
New Every Morning

Words and Music by Bryan Jones

Just no telling what can knock somebody down in this life
Seems like trials wait around each bend
It’s not so surprising we stumble and we fall
As we keep pressing on until the end

Just no telling what can trip somebody up in this life
Holy is the hardest thing to be
Through all life’s twists and turns, the times that we get burned
It’s time we learn mercy sets us free


Ever dig a hole that you couldn’t get out of?
Ever speak a word you weren’t proud of?
Let me show you the place to leave the pain
Ever make a choice too much in a hurry?
Maybe laid it on the line and then you were sorry?
I’ve got news for you
God’s mercies are always new.

Life is hard and we all know we fall short
We wonder if there is any hope at all
But the Father’s waiting patiently to hold us in his arms and see
He is there to catch us when we fall