My Old Kentucky Home {Longfield Avenue}
My Old Kentucky Home/Longfield Avenue

Okolona music..BMI Michael R Mcguire
I've lived my life,furlong to furlong
leaning here on this rail
i've seen all the great ones,Cigar and Citation
John Henry,tougher than nails

made a lot of bad wagers,
on broken down claimers
still i manage to laugh
cause there's a forty to oner
just 'round the corner
to have me back in the black

i'm an old race tracker
kind of a slacker
guess i had to do it my way
you can keep your casino's
and junkets to Reno
ain't exactly what i call a game

well i'm rounding the turn,headed for home
almost to the end of the line
and when i get to the window
i want the "Big Man" to know
i had myself a really good ride