Best Left Broken
Song: Best Left Broken -- 5:17
Contact: John Gaar, 512-834-0706,
Songwriter: John Gaar
Publishing: John Morton Gaar Music, BMI
Release Date: November 2, 2018

I can’t live, with or without you
And I just can’t stay but don’t wanna go
Or admit that it’s over

In and out of love
That’s how we seem to fall
But we keep runnin’ back
To something that’s always about to fall apart

Sometimes things are best left broken
Some things are never meant to last
Sometimes things are best left broken
Or left shattered in the past

We won’t know what tomorrow brings
Till today has come and gone
And we still can’t forgive the things we’ve said and done
Even when we meant no harm

This house is made of glass
Broken and shattered
From the stones we’ve cast
Yet we sit and wonder why
Why the hell it just won’t last




½ Chorus