Girls on Fire
Song: Girls on Fire -- 3:32
Contact: John Gaar, 512-834-0706,
Songwriter: John Gaar
Publishing: John Morton Gaar Music, BMI
Release Date: November 2, 2018

Three sheets to the wind
She’s got her dress hiked way up high
She’s bound to show you
Every thang that she ain’t afraid to hide

She just wants to dance
Then shimmy low down to the blues
Groove to something funky
Cause you know she just wants to let loose

Yea that girls on fire (Yea that girl is on fire)
She just wants to get high high higher
Yea that girls on fire (Yea that girl is on fire)
When her rhythm is right
She can last all night, all night long

When enough ain’t enough
And you know she’s got her mind made up
Her eyes are wide open
For any man left standin’ up
As the night winds down
And she’s finished burnin’ up the town
One last bump and you know you’ll have
One more round


Solo out