Slam That Door
Song: Slam That Door -- 3:55
Contact: John Gaar, 512-834-0706,
Songwriters: John Gaar/Rick Watson
Publishing: John Morton Gaar Music, BMI/Hogbranch Publishing, ASCAP
Release Date: November 2, 2018

As you were walkin’ away
With tears in your eyes
What I thought was a wave
Really was a one fingered goodbye

We should clear the air
Then pour some water on this fire
We need to make amends
So thangs will turn out fine

So you’ve had a real bad day
Your fuse is short and hell is on its way
Can’t seem to win for losin’, Noooo
There’s only one thing left to say
Go on and slam that door
Cuz you know it makes you feel better
Go ahead and do it once more
Hell yeah, just for good measure
Go on and slam that door

Well, come on back inside now baby
Gotta live and let die
This craziness will pass like it has done
Every single time
We’ll hold on to each other
Huggin’ kissin’ all night
Then we’ll get down to serious business
Baby ya know I’m right



Go on and slam that door
Go on and slam that door