Forbidden Love
Song: Forbidden Love -- 5:40
Contact: John Gaar, 512-834-0706,
Songwriters: John Gaar/Rick Watson/Deann Rene
Publishing: John Morton Gaar Music, BMI/Hogbranch Publishing, ASCAP/Deann Rene Music, ASCAP
Release Date: November 2, 2018

I need to get closer to you
Find a way, to really get to know you
As I make my way across the room
Thinkin’ what to say that breaks the ice with you

When I look into your eyes
I could see you choosing
Choosing your best lines
No need for words
It was written on our faces
Felt in certain places
But our body language, you know it said it all

Each breath that we take
Fans the flames, of our Forbidden Love
Each vow that we break
We must live with our Forbidden Love

I wanna whisper in your ear
Tell you secrets that I must share
Together we’ll pretend
There’s no ring on your finger and there’s never been

When you whisper in my ear
Hold me close, so close that when I hear
The words that you share
That the moment overwhelms me
Excitement overtakes me
I can’t wait for your touch


I want you
You want me
We know it’s only skin deep
There’s no turning back
We’re on a one way track
Once our hungry lips, when they meet