Slow Rollin'
Song: Slow Rollin' -- 4:28
Contact: John Gaar, 512-834-0706,
Songwriters: John Gaar/Rick Watson
Publishing: John Morton Gaar Music, BMI/Hogbranch Publishing, ASCAP
Release Date: November 2, 2018

Slow Rollin' Music Video (song also on the CD) -- 255,000+ views since October!

Travellin’ solo on a summer drive
Ain’t lettin’ no worries cloud my mind
Thinkin’ ‘bout the good ole days
And how fast time flies
Drivin’ and laughin’ to myself
Wearin’ a big ole smile

Drivin’ on the levy with my Daddy in the ole ‘59
Up one side and down the other
It’s better than any carnival ride
Oh ohh how I miss those days
But when I drive those memories come alive
like it was yesterday

Hu ohoh….

Slow rollin’ nowhere, ain’t in no race with time
It’s a chance to slow the world down
Even if it’s for a little while
Slow rollin’ nowhere, just like a Sunday drive
Thinkin’ ‘bout how thangs were
And how they’ve changed with time

Still drivin’ on the levy, watchin’ the river flow
Just like my daddy did when he wore a younger man’s clothes
Thinkin’ ‘bout tomorrow, always rememberin’ the past
Life’s just like this river, it rolls and drifts on by so fast


Jump inside the ole ‘59
Hit river road and let the miles unwind
In the rearview I see my Daddy’s eyes
Staring back at me, cuz now their mine
Yes their mine


Repeat Chorus

Slow rollin’
Slow rollin’
Slow rollin’
Slow rollin’ ohhhh