Let's Do Christmas Right
Let's Do Christmas Right
(by Joel Mabus 1999)

Oh the town is changing their colors
Everything is red and green
And "Silver Bells" is on the hit parade
Moving up the charts since Halloween
And old Saint Nick is just a job at the mall
Where they paint all the evergreens white.
It's what they always do -- except for me and you
Honey, let's do Christmas right.
Let's keep Christmas simple
With an old fashioned Christmas tree
There's one little box under there for you
And one little box for me
And then we'll string the popcorn
And we'll all sing "Silent Night"
Let's keep Christmas simple
Let's keep Christmas right

Now all the mistletoe is plastic
Just as phony as Santa's beard
And this lowfat eggnog substitute
Is tasting just a little bit weird
And when the dogs start barking "Jingle Bells"
Hold me back or I might bite
Hey girls and boys -- hold down the noise
And let's do Christmas right
Let's keep Christmas simple
That's my only Christmas wish
So come on 'a my house on Christmas Eve
I'll fix your favorite dish
Then we'll light the candles
And we'll all sing "Oh Holy Night"
Let's do Christmas simple
Let's do Christmas right

Throw a log on the fire -- hang up a sock
Sing Christmas carols up and down the block
No crowds at the mall to fight
Let's do Christmas right

Just like Ebenezer Scrooge and old man Grinch
Once you do the one-eighty, Christmas is a cinch
More folks ought to try it
Let's do Christmas right

Just like Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed
Zuzu's petals is all we need
In glorious black and white
Let's do Christmas right

Hey you read Matthew -- I'll read Luke
I'll tell the shepherds and you bring the loot
Those wise guys saw the light
Let's do Christmas right

So shut off the TV -- unplug the phone
Hey -- leave that internet connection alone!
For once lets have a silent night
Let's do Christmas right

Let's do,
Let's do,
Let's do,
Let's do,
Let's do Christmas right!