The Naked Truth
The Naked Truth
© 1988 Joel Mabus
[first appeared on The Naked Truth album]

Now, Truth and Falsehood were the best of friends.
That's the way this little story begins.
Way back yonder when the world was young,
These two girls went out to have some fun,
And that's the naked truth - That's the naked truth -
That's the naked truth - You know I wouldn't lie to you.

Now, you could always tell Truth by the dress she wore -
It was a long, flowing gown, way down to the floor,
Silky, silky, pearly white,
A little lace collar that she buttoned up tight,
And that's the naked truth...

Falsehood, on the other hand, she wore a dress of red -
A tight, sassy little number, turn your head.
Fishnet stockings and the high heel pumps,
A slit up the side make a dead man jump,
And that's the naked truth...

Now these two good-lookin', fun-lovin' gals -
( Uh, did I tell ya they were the best of pals? Yeah.)
They decided to go skinny dippin' one day -
Stripped buff naked and they swam away.

Well,that's when Falsehood cooked up her wicked idea:
She said, "Truth, honey, you just keep swimmin' , now, hear?
I'm gonna sit up on the beach and get me a little sun."
Mmm-huh, that's how the trouble begun.

You see, because Falsehood put on the dress of white.
She buttoned it up, buttoned it up, buttoned it up tight.
She laughed to herself, she said, "Wait 'til people see -
They'll think it's Truth comin', and it's gonna be me!"

Well then truth come out of the water drippin' wet.
Took one look at falsehood, -- she said "Is this the thanks I get?
I take off my dress for one tiny little minute,
I turn around and there's my best friend in it!"

Falsehood said, "You don't get the joke, here's the set-up
I wear your clothes, you get into my get-up."
Truth said, "Uh-Uh, girl, that won't do.
I'd rather go naked than be mistaken for you!"
And that's the naked truth,
That's the naked truth,
That's why we call her naked truth,
You know I wouldn't lie to you. (nudus veritas)

Well that's the way it is to this very day -
Something looks a little too good, you better just walk away,
'Cause a pretty little dress can cover up a lie,
But Truth goes naked - she's got nothin' to hide.

That's the naked truth - warts and all -
It’s the naked truth – yeah, she’s a little lumpy these days , but
She's the naked truth - tell her coming or going -
The naked truth -
You know I wouldn't lie - I wouldn't lie to you.