Take A Deep Breath and Smile
© 2017 by Heather Pierson

Why don’t you sit right down and take a load off your mind
It’s such a beautiful night, so leave your troubles behind
‘Cause they’ll be waiting for you, so here’s what you do:
Just take a deep breath and smile

You’ve been working so hard and now it’s time to unwind
And did you think I’d forget that it’s my job to remind you
To take some time out for you
And take a deep breath and smile

I know that times get hard
And all you wanna do is cry
Don’t let this mean old world break your heart
Don’t just lie down and die

You’ve got some living to do and I’ll be here by your side
Through all the good and the bad, I’ll be along for the ride
But remember what I told you:
Take a deep breath and smile