What Else Can I Do?
© 2015 by Heather Pierson

What else can I do
But give all my love to you?
It’s not like I had any choice
My head kept saying no
And that I had someplace to go
But my heart proved to be the louder voice

What else can I say?
I cannot explain the way
You toyed with my ever-loving heart
Well one thing’s for sure
I’ve been scarred forevermore
The mess you left me in is a work of art

Maybe I’ll forgive you and I’ll welcome you back
Maybe I’m a glutton for pain
Maybe I’ll forget you and be back on track
Spending sunny days wishing for rain

What else can I do?
I gave all my love to you
And now it seems my young life is through
Yeah you played me for a fool
And now I’m trying to play it cool
‘cause baby, what else can I do?