Still She Will Fly
© 2015 by Heather Pierson

She tried with all her might to love the winters
And to imagine that the snow would keep her warm
But nothing that I said could convince her
And I knew that someday she would have to roam

She always took a liking to the sunshine
And to the feeling of that warmth upon her skin
She was never more alive than in the springtime
When her whole world would open up again

And still she will fly
Yeah, she will fly along the riverside
And still she will fly
Yeah, she will fly and I’ll be right there by her side

She waited until after I was sleeping
And then she stole herself away into the night
The sunrise found me all alone and weeping
But I know that after darkness comes the light

My friends all say that I’m a fool for waiting
But I can’t imagine being in another’s arms
She always said she liked to see me smiling
How could I ever let her come to harm?


Easy come and easy go
It’s another new day or so they say
I’m still here
And I’m wondering whether I should stay or fly away

The summer sun was not enough to keep her
Nor were the flowers I still bring her every year
And even though this wound sinks ever deeper
I like to think that someday she’ll appear