The Love of His Life
In the greening of the year
When she first felt the glow of life inside
She shared the news and he shed a tear
But he never revealed the reason that he cried

And then summer came and went in a flash
And any hope that she would change her mind was dashed

And when the leaves began to fall
And an early frost had crept across the land
He found that he couldn’t concentrate at all
And then one day she reached out for his hand

And she said, “Aren’t you happy?
There’s something on your mind, let’s talk it through.”
And he said, “I’m not ready
To share the love of my life with someone new.”

And then early that November
She saw something soften in his eyes
And then she started to remember
When that same look first caught her by surprise

But life wasn’t the same anymore
So maybe he wasn’t the same man as before

And on a snowy winter morn
She announced to him that she was ready to go
And then at last a baby girl was born
Who needed more than they could ever know

And she said, “Aren’t you happy?
I hope that life’s been good to you.”
And he said, “I hope that I’m ready
To share the love of my life
My one and only life
The only love of my life
With someone new –
‘cause you’re the love of my life.”