A Hard Man To Please
Well, my daddy was a hard workin’ man
And momma knew not to get in the way
And they taught me that God has a plan
When they tucked me in at night they would say

“Jesus won’t save you now
Unless you get down on your knees
And your prayers will be answered somehow
But I’ll warn you – he’s a hard man to please”

Well, I married the first boy I ever kissed
In the backyard by the preacher from town
And his charm was a hard thing to resist
But some nights he took to holding me down
And he’d say

“Jesus won’t save you now
So you better get right down on your knees
Don’t you know that you belong to me now?
And lord knows I’m a hard man to please”

Well, try as I may and try as I might
I pray for my soul both morning and night
And ask the good lord for my life to be blessed
‘Cause right now it ain’t nothin’ but a mess

When my boy was just old enough to speak
I sat him right down here on my knee
And in a moment that some might call weak
I taught him what my life had taught me
I said

“Jesus won’t save you now
Not even when you’re down on your knees
You gotta learn to trust yourself somehow
And pray you’re not a hard man to please”