It's Time To Go
Though the sun is high and warming my bones
And the desert breeze is soft and low
And the sky is clear and full of the melancholy tones
Of the sweetest birdsong I’ll ever know
It’s time to go

So many paths before me in every direction
And so many miles left to go
So many new ideas, so much time for reflection
And so many more wild seeds to sow
But it’s time to go
It’s time to go now

There’s a lamp burning in the night
And someone waiting to hold me tight
And somehow it doesn’t seem right
To be this far from everything I know

So early in the morning when the world is still sleeping
And the edge of the sky starts to glow
I’ll hit the road running, like a jetliner streaming
Across the land and back to my home
‘cause it’s time to go
It’s time to go now

I hope I can make it back
Without going too far off the track
But I’ve always had a knack
For wandering away from what I know
Even when I know it’s time to go