George Thomas
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  • Counting On Love
    Genre: Pop
  • Tears To Grow
    Genre: Rock
    WAV (03:03) [30.84 MB]
  • Everybody
    Genre: Rock
    WAV (03:36) [36.39 MB]
  • The Clock
    Genre: Rock
    WAV (03:51) [38.93 MB]
  • Only You
    Genre: (Choose a Genre)
    WAV (03:33) [35.8 MB]
  • If I Walk Over There
    Genre: Rock
    WAV (04:00) [40.38 MB]
  • Getting Married Tonight
    Genre: (Choose a Genre)
    WAV (02:35) [26.16 MB]
  • I Walk Alone
    Genre: Rock
    WAV (03:25) [34.52 MB]
  • Moon Shadows
    Genre: (Choose a Genre)
    WAV (02:27) [24.75 MB]
  • Over The Line
    Genre: Rock
    WAV (03:19) [33.48 MB]
  • Whispering Love
    Genre: Country Rock
    WAV (03:39) [36.77 MB]
  • The Desert Ext Mix
    Genre: Rock
    WAV (04:03) [40.96 MB]
  • Home
    Genre: Soft Rock
    WAV (04:24) [44.33 MB]
  • Field Of Dreams
    Genre: Rock
    WAV (03:56) [39.69 MB]
  • America
    Genre: Rock
    WAV (03:33) [35.87 MB]
  • Jumpen On Down
    Genre: Rock
    WAV (02:52) [28.86 MB]
  • Little Dog Blue
    Genre: Soft Rock
    WAV (02:44) [27.54 MB]
  • The Party
    Genre: Rock
    WAV (02:47) [28.11 MB]
  • Highway Fever
    Genre: Rock
    WAV (03:02) [30.55 MB]
  • Looking For You
    Genre: Pop
    WAV (03:10) [31.94 MB]
  • Love Is Here Again
    Genre: Pop
    WAV (03:17) [33.08 MB]
  • To Be Loved
    Genre: Rock
    WAV (03:25) [34.52 MB]
  • Dancing With A Star
    Genre: Pop
    WAV (03:30) [35.25 MB]
  • Show Time
    Genre: Rock
    WAV (03:02) [30.58 MB]
  • Do You Remember
    Genre: Rock
    WAV (02:45) [27.78 MB]
  • Love Can Do So Much
    Genre: Pop
    WAV (03:12) [32.3 MB]
  • Hold On
    Genre: Pop
  • Lonely Hearts
    Genre: Rock
    WAV (03:32) [35.71 MB]
  • The Look
    Genre: Rock
    WAV (04:20) [43.66 MB]
  • Hurts So Bad
    Genre: Rock
    WAV (02:48) [28.25 MB]
  • Wild Girl
    Genre: Rock
    WAV (03:06) [31.23 MB]
  • You Won't See Me Anymore
    Genre: Rock
    WAV (03:34) [36.07 MB]
  • Can't Stop Believing In You
    Genre: Rock
    WAV (03:31) [35.46 MB]
  • By The Hand
    Genre: Rock
    WAV (03:20) [33.66 MB]
  • Don't Stop Dreaming
    Genre: Pop
    WAV (03:29) [35.09 MB]
  • The Desert
    Genre: Soft Rock
    WAV (02:53) [29.16 MB]
  • Midnight Rider
    Genre: Rock
    WAV (03:18) [33.38 MB]
  • Jungle Walk
    Genre: Rock
    WAV (03:37) [36.5 MB]
  • Every Time
    Genre: Rock
    WAV (03:20) [33.61 MB]
  • Anywhere
    Genre: Rock
    WAV (03:53) [39.16 MB]
  • This Time
    Genre: (Choose a Genre)
  • Now Mine
    Genre: (Choose a Genre)
  • Amazing
    Genre: (Choose a Genre)
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“Great Tune! Fun beat” Love the Roy Orbison Voice, hate the song”
“Beautiful Song” “Love The Music” “Keep up the originality” "Wow Just Fantastic"
“Really Smooth Man” “Chris Isaak meets Roy Orbison”

A Super blend of rock and soul, characterize the sound from this Boston based band Ya. Born and raised in Massachusetts, former teacher, and singer songwriter, George Thomas fills his songs with passion and vivid detail. Thomas’s music is personal, political, and universally appealing. Thomas's thought-provoking lyrics, and dynamic mix of acoustic and electric guitars, symphonic percussion and background singers carries a feeling to all his listeners. His work has been stated as a mix of the Moody Blues and Roy Orbison. Ya and George Thomas are totally original.

Born: George Thomas, Graduated from Clark University 1989, in Worcester, Ma.; married; three children. Education: Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts degree, Art and history, Worcester Art Museum degree in Film . Addresses: Record company--Stonedog Records, P.O.Box 542 Boston, Ma. 01944, Phone: 1-617-391-7840
contact e-mail WVG7USA@GMAIL.COM

George Nevada Thomas has one of the most powerful voices in contemporary rock 'n' roll music today. Songs such as "The Desert," "Only You ," "Hold On," and "Over the Line" have enhanced his reputation with a growing number of fans.
Typical comments on his first entrance in the public areana of radio: “Love your voice” I Love Your sound” “Unique” Hauntingly Perfect” He loves to write popular songs and has tree albums playing on all major venues: Only You, Over the Line and In Another World, his first Group, “Wildfire” has reformed as “Ya On Fire” __ George Thomas’s video “Getting Married Tonight” caused a tsunami of controversy because he incorporated photographs of same sex couples who married as part of his video. I thought it was the only fair thing to do!, He said.

Read more: George is a x school teacher in Boston and has won various awards in
Commercial Art shows and Film festivals. When question about his greatest achievement and joy in life: That’s easy!, raising my children.


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Getting Married Tonight YouTube URL

This is just a small sample of responses from a trial run on Jango.Com, with over
Five hundred fans signing up in three weeks!
George Thomas and Ya On Fire are heating up the air waves
with a fresh approach to the traditional love song.

“Love the Voice and Beat” “Cool, Can’t Wait to hear
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We will either find a way,or make one!- Hannibal

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    “Beautiful Song” “Love The Music” “Keep up the originality” “Really Smooth Man” “Chris Issak meets Roy Orbison”
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