Still Crazy (Radio Edit)
Still Crazy
©2009 Evan Westerlund (STIM), Patrik Lorentzson (STIM)
All Rights Reserved

I heard you moved out to L.A
And you found your place
Among the stars
They say you got all that you wanted
Your high class friends
And your fast red car
Well, I guess things turned out
Just the way you planned
Since you and me
Not much has changed in this old town
I'm still crazy...

Everytime I hear your name
Out here on the wind
It takes me back to the riverbank
Where we kissed, and laughed and dreamed
I think of all the nights we spent
Out there counting lightning bugs
Talkin' bout how life was meant to be,
Just you and me
I'm still crazy
I'm still crazy about you

Glad you stopped by to say hello
It's been some time
Since you been back home
Life out here is lonesome like
Some freight train runnin' down
A track unknown
Since that day you headed out on highway 10
And you didn't say
Where you were goin' with my heart
Baby, I'm still crazy


Now we're standin' here
After all these years
I need you to tell me why

(Chorus +)
I'm still crazy for you baby, yeah, it’s true
I'm still crazy, and I don't know what to do
I'm still crazy, I'm still crazy
I'm still crazy about you